Gentlemen, in exploring the theme of Volunteerism this term, we shall be ambitious. We have done Prezis, we have done traditional presentations, we have done online learning, and of course we have had the usual. As we approach the second half of the year (and of course, the final year examinations), there will also be some “drill-and-kill” exercises. But in discovering and retaining and reinforcing your knowledge on and thoughts about Volunteerism, project-based-learning will go a long way towards these aims.

There’s little value in doing something middle-of-the-road; we’ll be publishing a magazine about issues in volunteerism. Facilitated by me, this will however be conceptualized by you, written by you, and produced by you. For a start, I will suggest a title: “Mercy - “Issues in Volunteerism”, but you are of course allowed to differ – you’re the owner of this magazine!

As it is, this is the editorial line-up:

Chief Editor: Clement Yong
Editorial Team 1: Kevin See, Loh Joo Seng
Editorial Team 2: Yeo Tong Wei, Jarren Ho
Writers: Everyone else in 4P2
Illustrators: Volunteers (how apt) to come on board
Tormentor: Your English Teacher

Let’s stay committed towards this 4P2 project this term. Written well, this will serve as a nice memento for you graduating students and a fine product for your juniors to refer to next year. Of course, the more practical benefit is that you learn about Volunteerism and will be assessed in an alternative way.

For a start, use the discussion forum - you're required to state the issue of contention that you would like to address in this magazine. In 300 words, show your classmate, as well as me, what your topic entails. Also attempt to convince us that your topic fits what we're attempting to accomplish and that it makes a quality and apt contribution.

Video Resources on Volunteerism: