Volunteerism (Main Reading)

By this point in time, you have:

- a working definition of 'Volunteerism'
- knowledge on what Volunteerism entails
- been exposed to the relationship between Active Citizenship (also commonly referred to as 'Social Activism') and Volunteerism
- conducted extensive research on the topic of Volunteerism for your magazine project

You are now ready to embark on a major reading and web assignment to cement your content knowledge on this topic, so that you are ready to deal with more essay questions dealing with this theme.

Before reading the article carefully, these are the learning objectives. You should be able to expound on:

1. the various benefits of Volunteerism (beyond simply stating that volunteerism helps others and oneself)
2. the different types and categories of volunteering
3. how volunteering fosters opportunities for participation (and by whom?)
4. criticisms against volunteerism (and how these are countered)
5. constraints faced by volunteers
6. ways to promote volunteerism and active citizenship.

To this end, you have to read the document below, and write comprehensive reflections based on the 6 numbered points above. You are to write SIX 160-word entries - one for each section. While succinct, these entries must also be comprehensive enough. As the ideas for each section may be scattered throughout the reading, you should note that your task is not merely to summarise, but also to synthesise. The purpose of this reflective blog entry is for you to personally gather information on these issues, reinforce this knowledge through summarising and paraphrasing, and internalising this knowledge by framing and reframing (through editing) what you've managed to gather from the reading.

Doing so does not guarantee a fail-proof way of garnering such required knowledge, but I can assure you that not doing so is a fail-proof way of NOT garnering such required knowledge.

This web assignment is to be completed by 13 Jul, and this will be followed by an argumentative essay assignment on a related topic to be administered in a subsequent lesson.

The Reading:

The reading below, entitled "Volunteering and Social Activism - Pathways for participation in human development", is authored by CIVICUS: World Alliance for Civic Partipation, the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme.