The Juvenile Justice Project

The Juvenile Justice Project

This is a compulsory project comprising 3 parts. Parts 1 and 2 are groupwork, while Part 3 is individual work. Parts 1 and 2 should be presented using Prezi, which allows you to sort out your ideas and presentation points in the form of a logical concept map before proceeding to chart your presentation path. Presentations commence 28 Feb (Mon).

Part 1 (Groupwork)

Go to and to research the following topics:

  • Jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court
  • The Philosophy of the Juvenile Court
  • Procedures and Powers (how to sentence and the possible types of sentences)
  • Restorative Programmes associated with the Juvenile Court
  • Singapore's Penal Code on related crimes (adults)

Part 2 (Groupwork)
Do research on at least two real-life case studies of juvenile crime. Choose ONE case study to examine. Imagine you are the judge deciding on the court order. What would your recommendation be, bearing in mind the following?

  • How should the state punish these juvenile offenders?
  • Explain the rationale for your suggested form of punishment. Make clear the theories or concepts that you subscribe to.
  • What is the purpose of the recommended punishment?
  • Present the court order.

Example of a court order:

The Court ordered 24 months split probation (of which six months were intensive and the remaining 18 months supervised) with the following conditions:
  1. to abide by a time restriction from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.;
  2. to perform 120 hours of community service;
  3. to attend an anti-secret society talk;
  4. to attend a prison visit arranged by the Court;
  5. to attend any relevant rehabilitative programmes recommended by the probation officer.
The juvenile’s parents were also ordered to execute a bond of $5,000 to exercise.

Part 3 (Individual Work) - to be handed in immediately after the March school vacations
Write an argumentative essay (of about 500 words) on one of the following topics:

1) Preferential treatment towards juveniles, by the courts, is justified
2) Juvenile crime cannot be curbed permanently
3) Juveniles are mainly responsible for their own crimes