The Green Mile ACE

The Green Mile (ACE)

Having watched The Green Mile and explored the links between the movie and capital punishment issues in class, attempt the ACE activities below.

ACE Activities for The Green Mile

Complete three of the activities listed below. One of the three must be a piece of writing, and at least one must be an Oral Presentation. You must complete three to be eligible for ACE.




1. Create a journal entry or series of entries taking on the persona of one of the characters.
2. Write a diary entry as a very old man or woman waiting for death.
3. Pretend you are Paul. Write a letter to the governor of the State asking for a stay of execution.
4. You have been convicted of a capital crime. Write a diary for one week leading up to the day of your execution.
5. You are Percy. Write to your auntie about the way you have been treated by your co-warders.
6. Describe how you identify with a character in the film. How is he like you?
7. Write a list of questions you wish you could ask the author Stephen King about his story?


1. Write a theme song for the film.
2. Write a song from Del’s point of view. Include his mouse.
3. Write a song about death row.


1. Write and perform a combined dance monologue based on some theme dealt with in the film. You may tape this or choose a limited audience of peers with whom you are comfortable.
2. Mime a scene from the film from the perspective of a convict on death row.
3. Act out the court scene of John’s trial as you imagine some part of it. This could be expanded to include most of the class participating in a trial with parts you have assigned; judge, jury, witnesses, etc.


1. Create a “The Green Mile” crossword.
2. Create a word find based on the movie.
3. Create a survey on attitudes towards capital punishment. Graph the results.


1. Read the novel “The Green Mile”. Write or present to the class a speech or essay in which you compare the book and the film.
2. Write an essay condemning capital punishment on the grounds of its effects on the executioners.
3. Rewrite the end of the film having John freed and Billy condemned for the murders.
4. You are the mother of the murdered girls. Write an open letter to a newspaper justifying the execution of John Coffy.
5. Rewrite the script of the scene in which Paul asks John what he wants him to do now that he knows that John is innocent.
6. Give speech on capital punishment today.
7. Give a five minute talk on the history of the electric chair or a more general history of the methods of execution used across time or around the world.
8. In this movie there is a lot of cruelty shown but there are also many positives. Discuss in an essay.
9. How does power affect people? Illustrate your opinions by using examples from the film.
10. Continue the story of Paul and Mr Jingles.


Create a poster advertising the film.
Create a collage which expresses one of the themes explored in the film.
Create the front page of a newspaper for the day John Coffy was arrested.


Create a hang man style game based on the movie.
Using the list of students in your class, assign them with parts as characters in the film, explaining why you made those choices. ( The class does not have to see your casting decisions.)
Write a short play and act out a relationship that was formed in the film.
Organise a debate on the proposition “There is place in this world for Capital Punishment.”
Interview a grandparent or great grandparent on their views on prolonged life.

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