Revision - Education

Video Viewing Task - USE YOUR EARPHONES if you're watching this a second time at your desktop
Watch the following animation and listen to the speech by Sir Ken Robinson, entitled "Changing Education Paradigms".

Writing Tasks:
In the discussion forum, respond in the appropriate thread.

Response 1
Record the problems with public education as well as forward-looking trends that Sir Ken Robinson speaks of. Because there are a good number of points raised in this speech that deserve your attention, you may find it necessary to watch this video clip a second time (use your earphones).

In addition, answer the four essential questions that Sir Ken Robinson effectively raises (in the respective threads):

1. How did the current education system develop?
2. Why do some thrive and some fail in this system?
3. How do we improve the current education system?
4. How do we encourage all children to thrive?

Response 2
Based on these points you've recorded in Response 1, decide if you agree or disagree with 3 of them, and post a coherent response (argumentative-essay style) of about 300 words.