Human Rights

Human Rights

As a result of this unit, the students will know

· The nature and definition of Human Rights – Moral Rights vs. Legal Rights (In the following domains – Civil, Political, Social, Economic, Cultural)
· The basis of Human Rights (merely Western OR truly universal)
· The main components of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the basic principles behind all Human Rights (inherence, inalienability and equality).
· Instances of the pervasive abuse of Human Rights across the world in recent history.
· That there are many treaties and charters governing Human Rights with the crucial difference being that these treaties are typically supported by international law whilst the Declaration is non-binding and has no supportive legal framework.

Introductory Lecture Slides:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Simplified Version

Exploratory Topic 1: Human Rights Abuses in Myanmar
Introductory Video from USA Campaign for Burma Youtube Channel

Student-Led Presentation

Follow-Up Reading Tasks:

(1) Myanmar junta makes way for civilian government
(2) Burma: Letter to the Judge Advocate General regarding the promotion of respect for International Humanitarian Law
(3) The Rule of Law in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Follow-Up Reading and Writing Task (Part of your One-Sixty Blog Project)
(1) Burma: Q & A on an International Commission of Inquiry - Forgo Paul's Wheel. Summarise the violations of human rights in Myanmar.

Exploratory Topic 2: Child Soldiers: A Worldwide Phenomenon
Exploratory Links:

UN Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict
Zero Under 18

Student-Led Presentation

Exploratory Topic 3: Women's Rights - Case Studies in Bangladesh and Iran
Exploratory Links:
Global Issues - Women's Rights

Introductory Videos

Exploratory Topic 4: Religious Freedom: Punishment for Apostates

Exploratory Topic 5: Torture: Is it ever justified?

Exploratory Topic 6: Bosnian Genocide: A Case Study

Exploratory Topic 7: Racism in USA

Exploratory Topic 8: Freedom of Expression - East vs West
Link Analysis: Where does the West stand on Global Freedom of Expression?