Human Rights and Globalisation

Globalisation and Human Rights

By this point, you would have listened to a number of presentations on human rights abuses and violations, past and present. Proponents of globalisation believe that one of the major benefits of having such an inter-connected world is the proliferation and percolating of information. Human rights violations are made known more easily because of globalisation, and such violations can also be countered more easily as a result. Watch these videos to gather more information to aid your thought process and draw links between the themes of Globalisation and Human Rights.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Blog Task (23 May IT Lesson): In 160 words, write a response that highlights the associations between Globalisation and Human Rights that you have obtained after watching the above videos. Write concisely; you should have at least 5 - 8 distinct associations.

Blog Task (25 May Online Learning): In two separate 160-word blog summaries, summarise 2 articles related to Globalisation and Human Rights. ONE and TWO.

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