Active Citizenship

One of the key concepts of relevance to you in understanding and stating your opinions on the topic of Volunteerism is that of Active Citizenship. In this sub-unit, you will be learning more about what it means for an Active Citizenry to display Active Citizenship, and some of the pertinent questions that are of note. Enter your responses to the discussion questions in your respective blogs.


Blog Task 1: In the video clip above, it is suggested that citizens in free societies are likely to play more active roles in their communities. Do you agree with this implicit stand? How do you think this applies to Singapore and Singaporeans?

Articles on Active Citizenship

The Heart and the Politics of Active Citizenship in Singapore - Summary of Active Citizenry Panel Discussion
FACE IT! - Active Citizenship

Blog Task 2: In your own words, summarise what being an Active Citizen entails, and how the concept of Active Citizenship can be used to explain why people volunteer, and indeed why they do not.

Additional Reading

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